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Majosháza, Széchenyi sétány

205 m2 property for sale, with view of garden

Zoltán Gyulai

Central phone number: +36/70-9355762

    • 3-room205 m2
    • Price: 219 900 000 HUF


  • American kitchen: No
  • Furniture: Furnished, equipped
  • Building levels: One-story house
  • Heating: Electric
  • View: Garden
  • Size: 205 m2
  • Parking: Parking space
  • Rooms: 3
  • Size of site: 3000 m2

Located in Majosháza, 35 km from Budapest, at the bank of the Ráckeve Danube river branch, facing a Natura 2000 Nature Reserve, in a magical environment, a cozy estate is now for sale with the following main parameters:

- Plot size is 3,000 sqm;
- Parking inside the estate;
- Private pier;
- Undisturbed, peaceful water-world, with soothing, healing energies;
- Danube river and fields of reed panorama right from the estate;
- A separate wellness area (20 sqm) with a covered terrace (40 sqm). The wellness area offers: jacuzzi, sauna (Finnish, infra , steam), salt room built from Himalayan salt brick and salt grains, salt ionizer, chakra-lights, vibration sound amplifier, starry-night ceiling, mountain crystal block;
- covered outdoor bar overseeing the Danube;
- open/air pool;
- wood-fired oven, grill, wok, beer tap;

The main house was completely renovated in 2016 with premium category building materials. In 2018-19 a covered, winter-proof terrace of 85 sqm was added to the house and it is equipped with ceiling ventilation and tarp for winter. The house includes two mini-apartments and one room, each accessed via a separate entrance. The two apartments also have their own, equipped kitchen. Each room has its own bathroom and toilet. On the garden-side a 25 sqm covered terrace was also added in 2019. The mini-apartments are 21 sqm each, and the room is about 18 sqm.

On the top of the stone house there is a sun terrace covered by WPC, accessible by stairs from outside.

Two additional wooden houses were built between 2017 and 2021, giving space to:
- a 10 sqm size guest room;
- 5 sqm size cooling room;
- 15 sqm size storage room;
- 2 outdoor toilets (10 sqm altogether);

The estate has 2 pieces of drilled wells;

From inception, all plants (app. 150 different species) have been planted by the owner and have been grown chemical-free. Spice-garden and some special plants can also be found: ginkgo biloba, cornelian cherry, sea buckthorns, rowan, jujube (Chinese date), black fig, mulberry tree, and many others.

Since 2019, the estate has functioned as a guest-house with many happy, returning guests.

For more information, please contact me.

Széchenyi sétány
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