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Budapest, district XII., Diana utca

90 m2 apartment for rent, with view of panorámás

Nikolett Mészáros

Central phone number: +36/70-9355762

  • 1-room90 m2
  • Rental price: 290 000 HUF/month
  • Deposit: 580 000 HUF
  • Utilities: 20 000 HUF
  • Common cost: 20 000 HUF


  • American kitchen: Yes
  • Available from: 2020-08-01
  • Furniture: Berendezett, üresen is
  • Smoking allowed: No
  • Floor: 2
  • Building levels: 2
  • Heating: Cirkó
  • View: Panorámás
  • Pet allowed: Yes
  • Separated rooms: 2
  • Elevator: None
  • Size: 90 m2
  • Parking: Garázs
  • Rooms: 1 + 2

In the 19th district, close to SZEll KALMAN SQUARE, but still in a green area, 90sqm+25sqm terrace, interior two storeys, 1 + 2half room, ARRANGED condominium, duplex apartment for rent. -zircon with underfloor heating -a common cost of HUF 20,000, which includes garbage disposal, cleaning, internet service, and overhead consumption. -Furnished on demand or empty -located in the common garden: trampoline, slide, swing, barbecue -small gym and sauna in the basement - for the long term, a minimum of 1 year, with a deposit of 2 months and the current monthly rent from 1 August.

Diana utca
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  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479011_13.jpg
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  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479016_18.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479017_19.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479018_20.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479019_21.jpg
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  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479022_24.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479023_25.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479024_26.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479025_27.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479026_28.jpg
  • Diana utca-budapest_xii_keruelet_diana_utca8479027_29.jpg

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