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Budapest, district III., Kiscelli utca

123 m2 apartment for rent, with view of panoramic

Eszter Kőfalusi

Central phone number: +36/70-9355762

    • 4-room123 m2
    • Rental price: 439 000 HUF/month
    • Deposit: 878 000 HUF
    • Utilities: 30 000 HUF
    • Common cost: 23 000 HUF


  • American kitchen: Yes
  • Available from: 2023-01-13
  • Furniture: Half-furnished, equipped
  • Smoking allowed: No
  • Floor: 4
  • Building levels: 4
  • Heating: Cirko system
  • View: Panoramic
  • Separated rooms: 5
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Size: 123 m2
  • Shortest rental period: 12 month
  • Parking: Underground garage
  • Rooms: 4 + 2

In district III, in the deservedly popular Kiscelli street, next to excellent infrastructure, CURIOSUM 2 BALCONIES, PANORAMIC, SUNNY, DUPLEX ( internal two-storey), 123sqm (+8sqm for 2 balconies), 4 +2 half-rooms, partially furnished, mechanized, freshly painted, 4th floor (with elevator) apartment FOR RENT 2 underground garage parking spaces (min 1 parking lot is mandatory to take), ESPECIALLY FOR THE LONG TERM!

Rent: 1100EUR/month + 2 underground garages 95EUR/month/parking space (min. 1 parking space for rent)
Common cost: 23.500 HUF/month
Overhead: based on consumption, equipped with meters.
Heating: brand new circulating boiler
Lighting: freshly replaced energy-saving system

Ideal for up to 4 people (2 adults 2 children)!
Pets by agreement, smoking is not allowed

The lease agreement is countersigned by a notary (declaration of removal from the car).

CAN be MOVED IMMEDIATELY with 2 months deposit + 1 month rent!

Kiscelli utca
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  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395230_5.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395231_6.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395232_7.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395233_8.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395234_9.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395235_10.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395236_11.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395237_12.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395238_13.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395239_14.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395240_15.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395241_16.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395242_17.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395243_18.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395244_19.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395245_20.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395246_21.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395247_22.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395248_23.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395249_24.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395250_25.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395251_26.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395252_27.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395253_28.jpg
  • Kiscelli utca-budapest_iii_keruelet_kiscelli_utca395254_29.jpg

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