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Budapest, district II., Ady Endre utca

165 m2 apartment for rent, with view of kertre néző

Katalin Révész

Central phone number: +36/70-9355762

  • 3-room165 m2
  • Rental price: 670 000 HUF/month
  • Deposit: 1 340 000 HUF
  • Utilities: 70 000 HUF


  • American kitchen: Yes
  • Furniture: Berendezett, gépesített
  • Smoking allowed: No
  • Floor: Földszint
  • Building levels: 3
  • Heating: Cirkó
  • View: Kertre néző
  • Pet allowed: No
  • Elevator: None
  • Size: 165 m2
  • Parking: Telken parkoló
  • Rooms: 3

LUXURY APARTMENT for rent in Any Endre street on Rose Hill. 3 bedrooms, 165 sqm. Renovated, fully equipped and furnished with AC. Can be moved in immediately. Rooms: 3 bedrooms, living room with American style kitchen,3 bathrooms, 3 showers + spacious TERRACE. Utilities: −elegant, furnished apartment in villa with garden views −recently fully refurbished and equipped −automated air-cooling system −sauna −3 bathrooms, 3 showers −washer & dryer −2 TV sets −fully equipped kitchen and additional kitchenette −design furniture −alarm system −intercom door system with camera −up-to-date telecommunication, TV and internet connections −spacious ceramic tile terrace (south) −premium lamps and lightening −towels, cutlery, dishes and bed covers Utilities paid monthly: 70 000 HUF. Sorry no smoking and pets allowed. LONG TERM ONLY, at least 1 year. Can be moved in immediately by paying deposit (2 months rent fee) and first month's rent. Please feel free to contact me on weekends as well.

Ady Endre utca
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  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676526_1.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676527_2.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676528_3.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676530_5.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676531_6.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676532_7.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676533_8.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676534_9.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676535_10.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676536_11.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676537_12.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676538_13.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676539_14.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676540_15.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676541_16.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676542_17.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676543_18.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676544_19.jpg
  • Ady Endre utca-budapest_ii_keruelet_ady_endre_utca8676545_20.jpg

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