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Budapest, district II., Máriaremetei út

154 m2 property for sale, with view of garden

Eszter Kőfalusi

Central phone number: +36/70-9355762

    • 5-room154 m2
    • Price: 119 990 000 HUF


  • American kitchen: No
  • Furniture: Unfurnished, equipped
  • Building levels: Three-storey house
  • Heating: Boiler
  • View: Garden
  • Size: 154 m2
  • Parking: Covered parking
  • Rooms: 5 + 1
  • Size of site: 548 m2

II. district, on the well-loved, quiet, yet well-served, green Máriaremetei út, close to the center, INDEPENDENT HOUSE WITH GARDEN, BALCONY and TERRACE, level shifting (garden, ground floor and first floor) HOUSE FOR SALE, even with the possibility of opening a street front shop.

Garden level: apartment with separate entrance downstairs - 35m2, basement - 26.5m2, covered storage - 10.76m2
Ground floor (with offset): 71.8m2, balcony - 4.36m2, terrace - 9.6m2, covered garage parking - 30.99m2
Upper floor / attic (with level shift): 46.9m2 - floor area: 57.30m2
Floor plans attached between the pictures.

The property has been partially renovated, wooden doors and windows have been installed, and external thermal insulation has also been provided.
Heating and hot water are provided by gas bioler
The apartment with a separate entrance located on the garden level is currently rented out, even if the tenants would continue to rent it.

The environment offers the proximity of nature at the same time: popular hiking spots are a few minutes' walk away, on the other hand, thanks to its excellent location and transport, you can reach all frequented places by car and public transport. The 57 and 257 bus stops are a minute's walk away, and they take you to Hűvösvölgy in a few minutes. There are several shopping centers, post office, bank, doctor's office, sports facilities nearby, and the French Kindergarten and Primary School are only two minutes away.

The property can be taken into possession within 1-2 months.

Máriaremetei út
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  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut368215_1.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364953_2.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364952_3.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364941_4.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364951_5.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364935_6.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364934_7.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364954_8.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364958_9.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut370863_10.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364957_11.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364912_12.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364962_13.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364959_14.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364955_15.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364956_16.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut370862_17.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364924_18.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364932_19.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut370844_20.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut370842_21.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut370841_22.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut364927_23.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut370847_24.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut370846_25.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut368216_26.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut368217_27.jpg
  • Máriaremetei út-budapest_ii_keruelet_mariaremetei_ut368218_28.jpg

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